Fable II, Banjo Kazooie Sales Are Chalk & Cheese

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Microsoft released three first-party games towards the end of 2008. Gears of War 2, we know, is a smashing success. But what of the other two games, Fable II and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts?


Sales data released by the NPD Group today reveals that the games' experience on store shelves couldn't have been more diffierent. Fable II was a surprising success, by January 1 selling a respectable 1.2 million copies in the US. Not too shabby.

But Banjo? Seems Rare's stab at innovation by introducing customisable vehicles to the game was a flop with consumers, as the game had only sold a meagre 140,000 copies by new year's day. Eek.

NPD: Fable II hits 1.2 in US, MGS4 goes platinum [GameSpot]


Nuts & Bolts was an O.K. game, they just arse wacked banjo and kazooie by putting them in suck a mediocre game.