When you're a the nephew of a world famous three-time Formula One champion, you take any rare opportunity for me-time that you get. Here Brazil's Bruno Senna combines his morning cardio with some Modern Warfare 2.

Before you dismiss this or even think "Oh hell, I should try that," realize that he's on a bicycle roller, not a stationary brace. That means Senna has to balance himself while aiming down his sights, else he'll drift off the apparatus. But then, Senna's probably demonstrated a superior ability to make decisions and keep steady at speed, so this shouldn't be surprising.


Translation from the description on the YouTube page: "Learning to multitask. Bike + roller + MW2 COD on the PS3. Good with F1 + + G-Force multi-function steering wheel!"

Bruno Senna Concentrado Entrenando MultiTarea Training Multitask [YouTube, via Twitter]

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