Lots of countries don’t just have military training, but extreme military training. China is no exception.

As noted on 2ch, the People’s Liberation Army holds special combat training exercises—many of which appear to involve jumping over flames. Or between flames. Or through flames. Whatever, there’s fire.

[Image: ChinaFotoPress | Getty]

The Chinese military doesn’t only jump through burning rings, it also performs an array of other exercises you’d expect, from hand-to-hand combat training to target shooting as well as various tests of physical and mental endurance.

[Photo: En.People.Cn]

[Image: ChinaFotoPress | Getty]

But few training exercises look as spectacular as the fire-based ones.

[Image: ChinaFotoPress | Getty]

[Photo: China.org]

[Photo via 2ch]

Check out this barelegged badass.

[Photo: Xinhuanet]

If there’s ever a conflict that involves jumping through fire, the smart money is on the Chinese military.

Even their dogs are ready.

[Image: ChinaFotoPress | Getty]

And when you’re all hot from the flames, what better way to cool off than with a tire full of snow?

[Image: ChinaFotoPress | Getty]

Or a yellow plastic bowl of snow?

[Image: ChinaFotoPress | Getty]

Beat jumping shirtless into a fire, that’s for sure.

Top image: ChinaFotoPress | Getty

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