Ewoks for Sale Outrages Some Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscribers

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The latest foofaraw in Star Wars: The Old Republic—an MMO that exists primarily to make people complain, it seems—concerns an Ewok. Yes, a cuddly Ewok, the action figure picked last (after Mon Mothma, even) when you were choosing up sides for battle.

Treek the Bounty Hunter is an Ewok companion for your character who becomes available this August. When originally announced, you got her if your character had a million credits on hand and a legacy level over 40. First people started grumbling about whether or not, at this point in the Star Wars canon—Ewoks were known off of Endor, and then how the hell could one get off Endor, much less become a fearsome bounty hunter. Now it's been discovered that people can just up and buy off Treek with real moolah. I know, paying real cash for the services of a bounty hunter? In a free-to-play MMO? The hell?


Because everything in video gaming has to be a zero-sum argument, people who have the requisite legacy level are super pissed off that those who don't can just up and acquire Treek for Cartel Coins, the currency of the Cartel Market, aka where things are bought and sold for real buxx. The fact this game is published by Electronic Arts figures into the discussion, too, I'm sure.

"Not everyone has to be able to have everything in the game and this promotes the fact that you should indeed be able to buy anything and bypass requirements," said one subscriber on the game's forums. " have been waiting since February of ’12 for something awesome to come out for legacy level 50 and so far we get absolutely nothing."

"It’s not P2W but it’s a slap in the face to people that actually played the game long enough to earn a high legacy level," said another. "Thanks for continuing to not value the subs."

Others are not as offended.

"Honestly, I don't see that much broad based backlash about Treek," wrote one in this thread. "I do see the same handful of players running heavy on the hamster-wheel of faux indignation. But this is true for everything about the game for the most part."


As I've written, this is partly why people despise free-to-play models. When everything is for sale, the game removes the feeling of being able to get something for nothing. It also drives some people nuts to have their hard work—whatever it takes to get to legacy level 40 and acquire a million credits—given a monetary value. That is kind of insulting.


But come on, we're talking about an Ewok. This would seem to be the kind of thing that would distinguish a freebie player, because no one cool, or in their right mind, would be seen walking around with a space teddy bear.

SWTOR players not pleased with Ewok being purchasable on Cartel Market [Just Push Start]


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Having played SWTOR since pre-launch, having bought the €150 Collectors Edition , several lvl55's and having been an officer in one of the bigger guilds I can tell you this: the way EA handled F2P ruined the game

Certain issues were raised during beta and werent fixed or implemented (bugs, features), there was lack of hardcore content which chased away droves of players, the community is as toxic as you can get, it hardly offers anything new bar the voice acting (which I admit is brilliant) and when F2P hit there was hardly any value added outside the Cartel Market (the F2P Real Money shop).

Content: In its 10 months of subscribers only it gave 1 new Operation, 1 new WZ and 1 new Flashpoint. It hosted 2 events. It updated the CE vendor once with 1 item, something they promised to do regularly. Many reasons for people leaving the game were well known before launch. Many systems like a dye system, global banking system, re-customization system, group finder, tougher challenges etc were all posted on the forums. They didnt listen, the only one they added before F2P was groupfinder and that took them several months. Their Legacy system was pretty cool but also took them several months and has fallen in grace in favour of microtransactions. Also as a note there werent that many new outfits either and the PvP system sucked for a long time.

Then F2P hit and suddenly new systems and events were coming out.

  • Dyes which are only obtainable by gambling with RNG boxes which you buy for very real money.
  • New FP's, well rehashes really in that its just a Hard Mode version.
  • New Ops, very challenging Ill give them that but no Nightmare Mode right off the bat.
  • New planet, worth $10 that subs pay, not the $20 that F2P pays
  • New outfits purchasable directly with cash or with gambling boxes (including LORE outfits!)
  • New event! Yay! Oh wait they repeated that event 4x! Oh and youd think they'd do something for Christmas/Life Day? Yea you could buy stuff with money and thats it. No quests, no nothing. Some people got fireworks but no special events to celebrate, oh and that was also their 1st year anniversary.
  • New Reputation thing! That was pretty fun, until they made one entirely for the gamblers. One faction could only be gained by buying RNG boxes with rl cash and it wasnt even a guarantee you'd get the reputation...
  • Oh youre F2P and want to do Ops/WZ's? Ok but the unlock is per character and not per account.
  • Oh you want exclusive dyes for CE owners? Ok we'll give you Pink/Purple and Green/Yellow and we'll bug it so you can sell it on the GTN.
  • Oh you got some free goodies with your pre-order/DE/CE? Well lets bring out the exact same items and some of them a different colour! And theyre all on the Cartel Market.
  • Complaints about lack of quests? Lets introduce a new companion without a quest (like HK-51) and make him available to people with insane amounts of money (1 million creds) or real money.
  • A few people complained about an Ops being too hard on Nightmare Mode, you know the really really hard one, and even after proving its doable by several guilds they make it easier anyway. (looking at you TGO)
  • Same sex romance was promised DURING DEVELOPMENT! It took them a year and a bit to actually introduce it! And its nothing more than a fling! Oh and depending on what side youre on (Republic or Empire) you cant even have it!
  • Recustomization? Yea sure they introduced it, with cash. People who have been a member for 1.5 years still had to shell out money to change hair or facial features. If you buy a hairpack, more on that later, you buy it and then you pay again to apply it!
  • Hair packs go by race. You might be wondering "Well yeah, thats logical right?" well no it isnt since most races share the exact same hairstyles.
  • Lore is why Star Wars is so big in the first place and there's hardly any lore items in-game, every lore item is only attainable via the Cartel Markets RNG packs.
  • New level cap meant in this case getting from 50 to 55 in a matter of hours. Seriously I maxed out 3 toons in a matter of days.
  • New planet meant more story! Yay! Well no not exactly. It had new story for each side but NO new story for each class. Why not? Who knows, all I know is that a very simple plot was given for Makeb even though before launch they said they had years worth of voice acting for storylines.

I quit this game a month or 2 ago and whilst I miss my guild and the gameplay I certainly dont miss the community, the company nor the assraping EA/BW is giving their customers.

This shouldve been a great game and it was a great game except EA listened to their wallets instead of their customers.

The only good thing about this game now is that if you wanna play a nice action RPG with scifi and lightsabers you cant beat the storylines of certain classes. The voicework is brilliant and the stories for the Imperial Agent or Jedi Knight are epic.

To add: the bugs are insane at some times, the engine is flawed as fuck and the mechanics are most of the times laughable.