Should you buy the Playstation Move? What's the best motion game on the Playstation 3? What's the worst? What do you look like playing? Do dogs or cats cause interference? How do I set it up? How much does getting hit with a Move controller hurt?

We've spent an obscene amount of time with the Playstation Move over the course of a week or so, playing games, testing theories, finding the best and the worst in Sony's upcoming motion-sensing peripheral. Tonight at midnight, you're going to be able to read our deep, nuanced coverage of the add-on.

If you have any interest in motion gaming on the Playstation 3, if you're curious about picking up the console add-on, then book mark this and come back at midnight Pacific to start reading our exhaustive coverage.

The add-on hits in a few weeks. Are you picking one up?

Playstation Move