Everything You Need To Know About Duke Nukem's Return

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Gaming's most testosterone-fueled alpha male, Duke Nukem, is back and ready to kick space alien ass in Duke Nukem Forever, the game we never ever thought they'd finish.


In the unlikely event that the return of Duke Nukem Forever somehow didn't register on your news radar this weekend, then brace yourself. More than a decade in development, with tens of millions of dollars sunk into the project, Duke Nukem Forever will arrive in 2011. The most vaporous of video game vaporware is real, it was playable at this weekend's PAX convention, and it is now in the capable hands of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands developer Gearbox Software.

We played Duke Nukem Forever at PAX this weekend. We spoke to the man that now owns Duke Nukem. And we learned how the obscenely late first-person shooter found its way to a new home. Catch up on all of Kotaku's Duke Nukem Forever coverage right here.


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I heard GameStop is already taking preorder of this game for PC.