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Everything Is Cake Now, Including Dragon Ball Z Characters

Illustration for article titled Everything Is Cake Now, Including iDragon Ball Z/i Characters
Screenshot: Funimation

He’s cake! He’s really cake!

Memes hit a whole new level of galaxy brain over the weekend after a viral July 8 tweet showing all manner of objects being cut in half to reveal layer-cake inside changed how we think of reality: I think, therefore I am...cake?


Maybe it’s the months of lockdown as a pandemic spreads across the country while our leaders do nothing and the death toll continues to mount and we all just need an internet joke absurd enough to briefly take our minds off the soul- crushing year that is 2020. Whatever the reason, the cake meme has hit hard and no corner of the internet appears to be immune. Including Dragon Ball Z.

First there was raspberry dream cake Frieza getting chopped in two by Trunks.


Followed by that time rainbow layer cake Piccolo lost his arm to Radditz.

And who could forget that special beam cannon hole right through carrot cake Kakarot.


Seriously though, these cakes are over 9,000 and I can’t stop staring at them:


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Fucking finally. I’ve spent the last two days wondering what the fuck was going on. You miss one afternoon on the internet...