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Everybody Loves PhysX

Illustration for article titled Everybody Loves PhysX

NVIDIA went a little press release crazy this morning, announcing that Sega, Capcom, GRIN, and 8monkey Labs have all turned to NVIDIA's PhysX technology to make their games better.


At the forefront of their four press release rampage is the announcement that Sega has licensed both the PhysX technology and NVIDIA's APEX technology to serve as a development platform across all Sega studios.

"Sega has been using PhysX technology for several years, but this new agreement enables our studios to take advantage of the full portfolio of cross-platform PhysX engines," said Takashi Shoji, Department Manager, Consumer Software R&D Support Dept., Consumer R&D Division, SEGA Corporation. "APEX was an important factor in our decision because it enables us to create high quality physics content in an easier and more productive manner."


Basically taking away a great deal of the workload so Sega's programmers can concentrate on slowly killing Sonic.

Along with the Sega announcement, NVIDIA also revealed that Capcom's Dark Void uses PhysX to render weapons, smoke, and debris; GRIN used it in Terminator Salvation for weapon effects and destructible environments; and 8monkey Labs has an amazing name.

Oh, and 8monkey used PhysX in Darkest of Days to help create interactive, expressive, and natural environments.

In short, NVIDIA's PhysX technology is slowly taking over the world, and the company's public relations team has far too much time on their hands.

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