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'EverQuest Next' Teased At Fan Faire

Illustration for article titled EverQuest Next Teased At Fan Faire

Appropriately enough, the next EverQuest installment is called - for now, anyway - "Everquest Next." Sony Online Entertainment teased the new title, with two in-game images, at the publisher's "Fan Faire" going on in Las Vegas this weekend.


SOE President John Smedley gave several announcements regarding the EverQuest franchise, many of them already known, before dropping the EverQuest Next reveal. Smedley said more info on the new game would come forth by the end of the weekend, but it sounds like this will be more of a reboot than a direct sequel to EverQuest 1 and 2.

There's a panel today that should divulge more info. When more is known, we'll post. The in-game art is pictured at top and bottom.


Fan Faire 2010: EQII Flying Mounts, EQNext Art Revealed [Massively via Destructoid]

Illustration for article titled EverQuest Next Teased At Fan Faire

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EQ needs to reinvent themselves if you ask me. I've been an on and off player of WoW for about 5 years. I haven't played since janurary. The thing I always loved about EQ2's approach were the races and the way the lands in the pictures looked. I also dug some of the classes , not all but some. The problem was when I booted up that pain in the ass to download demo.

The game I had played was utter shit. The graphics were pathetic and took up too much usage. The movements and attacks were slow and choppy. There was too much going on their UI and quest pages and everything. Too many classes that sounded super useless. Things just did not work well. It didn't have that easy to play user approach WoW or even WAR had. And WAR essentially failed. Nothing about that demo made me think the game was good. It was boring and everything I stated above just made it awful. I tried to force myself to enjoy it and sadly after wanting to play it for so long it sucked balls.

I applaud anyone that can keep playing a game like this. But the truth is. SOE needs to make a game on the same level as Blizzard. These guys made fuckin Everquest. One of the most successful mmos ever. They need to make an all new game , with a new look and approach and make everything more simplified. Don't dumb down the game but make it user friendly and more exciting and approachble. This is why EQ2 is going free , because it's going to hell. No one under 30 wants to play it. Just my 2 cents. I hope NEXT means something NEW.