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Continuing the 10th anniversary celebration for EverQuest, Sony Online Entertainment is debuting a full-length documentary on the game at this year's SOE Fan Faire, with Jace Hall adding flavor.


While I find the story of EverQuest's origin interesting enough without Jace's particular brand of humor, perhaps the attendees at the SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas on June 25th through the 28th don't. That makes sense. I mean, they're only trekking halfway around the country in many cases to pay homage to the game and possibly get a little Wood Elf action.

"EverQuest was such an influential title; many people don't realize just how daunting of a task it was to create," said Jace Hall, President of HD Films. "With this documentary we were able to tell the epic story of the game and the people behind it while incorporating the light-hearted signature of the Jace Hall Show."

How do you folks feel about Hall's light-hearted signature?

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