Ever Wanted To See Microsoft Buy A Motion-Sensing Tech Company?

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Microsoft were in buyout talks with Israeli company 3DV systems earlier this year. Now, a few months later, for the first time it's been officially announced that Microsoft owns the motion-sensing company.


So what does this actually mean? It's hard to tell. Logic points towards Microsoft's Project Natal motion-control camera having been built using technology pioneered by 3DV, but neither Microsoft nor 3DV will confirm this, Microsoft's Moshe Lichtman only saying "when there's something to tell, we'll do so."


It's also been rumoured that another Israeli company, Prime Sense, has been involved in the project.

Sounds to us like the deal was officially kept quiet until after E3, so as not to blow Natal's cover.

Microsoft confirms 3DV acquisition [Globes]

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My friend's older brother works in 3dtv on a 3d camera sensor for a few years now, and then Microsoft buys the company and talks about Natal... My guess was at the time "Sweet, finaly Israel's gonna be involved in a cool gaming project" (Not to mention the rest of the computer parts created here...)

Sorry for boasting, it's just that I hated that a technological country like Israel didn't make any cool stuff, but it's just really hidden for some reason.