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Even A Cat Can Play iPad Games

If anyone ever asks you whether or not iPad apps are difficult or not, show that human this clip. And do it, pronto.


Feline friend "Iggy" checks out app Noby Noby Boy (the iPad version of the PS3 title) and then plays around with the Magic Piano app. His owner says that Iggy's paws are "less greasy greasy" than his. And the screen? The screen, apparently, was fine!

It looks like Apple has hit upon a large and still untapped demographic. Cats! Who knew?

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John Kauderer

Hope his cat is declawed. My cat is super into mass effect 2 but only the resource collecting mini game. She just sits there and stares and watches the probes fly by. I wish I could train her to play that mini game though since it's kind of boring. I'm sure she'd just stock up on palladium and I'd be like what the fridge! Where's the element zero.