EVE Online Suicide Taunter Goes Well Beyond Apologising

The Mittani, a senior player in the EVE Online community and the man at the centre of yesterday's story about suicide taunts at a game convention, has gone well beyond apologising for his actions.


Saying that "actions > words" and that he hates it "when people use alcohol as an excuse" for their behaviour (The Mittani had clearly had a few during the panel), he has posted on Twitter that not only will he be resigning from his senior position within the game's community, but that he'll also be sending all of his remaining in-game currency to the "victim".

Some will say that, given the possibility the "victim" wasn't even being truthful in their actions, that's crazy. Even those aware that the real issue was simply attacking the player in the first place (as they couldn't have known whether it was genuine or not) might say it's a bit much, especially since his main apology was so sincere.


But hey, this is what it looks like when somebody takes actual responsibility for their mistakes.

The Mittani [Twitter]

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