Reportedly Suicidal Player Laughed at, Then Trolled at EVE Online Gathering [Update]

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At EVE Online's recent FanFest gathering, a panel got real unsavoury real fast when senior EVE players began not only mocking another player reportedly displaying suicidal tendencies, but encouraged others to do the same.


During a panel last Thursday, one moderated by a CCP employee (the developers of the game), a presentation/Q&A gets awkward when a few members up on stage can be seen to go after an individual player.

When "one of the players clearly indicated suicidal thoughts and showed 'obvious' signs of severe depression", instead of shutting the panel down and/or looking to get them some help, things got a whole lot worse.

"When this communication was shown to the audience the presenter, along with part of the audience of players and CCP representatives present all had a good laugh," another player present, and writing to Eurogamer, reports. "The presenter went on to encourage other players of Eve Online to harass this player in the hope that he would eventually be compelled to act on his suicidal thoughts."

"This player's in-game contact information was provided. I found this section of the presentation to be in extremely poor taste."

Oh dear. Regardless of whether the player in question really was suicidal or not isn't the point. Those involved couldn't have known that, so to attack them ran the risk of causing some very serious ramifications.

To its credit, CCP acted swiftly to condemn the actions of its players, issuing a statement that reads:

I want to reassure you that CCP in no way condones the harassment of players, especially those who suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, as we understand the possible consequences of such abhorrent behaviour.

Our Terms of Service (TOS), which can be found here, mirror our company's stance on this matter.

While the content of online interactions between players cannot realistically be gated within our game worlds, we do take very seriously accusations of such behaviour between our players.

Furthermore, we have a suicide hotline protocol which has, in specific cases, made a difference for several unfortunately troubled players. We appreciate you voicing your concerns on this level, and CCP will be very vigilant in monitoring any behaviour directed towards the individual named in the presentation.

We are undertaking a full internal review of this panel as well as the process used for vetting the panel's materials. Even though this panel was billed as unfiltered by CCP, we expect public presentations to be courteous and professional towards others.


UPDATE - One of the panel members involved has written a heartfelt and very nice apology over on EVE's forums.

UPDATE 2 - Here's some video footage of the panel.

CCP launches investigation after Eve Online FanFest panel accused of mocking suicidal player [Eurogamer]



I like the CONCEPT of EVE more than I actually like the GAME of EVE.

And yes, I've played it. It's a bit slow for my liking — not a criticism of the game itself but more a reflection of my tastes — but the community is what continually drives me away.

The game is designed to be an outlet for griefers and scammers. There are, basically, no rules concerning anything, and CCP has made it abundantly clear that they will not intervene in any situation unless a hack or exploit is involved. The game systems are tailored to allow players to endlessly grief each other and there is no place in the game that could be considered "safe".

Now all this seems good on paper, but it completely discounts that truism of human nature, "John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory" — which can be viewed here: [].

And this is why I don't play EVE anymore. Even though a good 60% of the community are decent human beings who interact with each other in a positive, rational manner, the other 40% are simply sociopaths looking for an outlet for their aggression.