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Eve Online Novelized.. Again

Illustration for article titled Eve Online Novelized.. Again

Another novel set in the gamer-driven world of Eve Online is hitting this fall, this time with the backing of Sci-Fi/Fantasy book publishing giant Tor.


The 400-page Eve: The Burning Life hits this November for $15 and that's about all we know about the book so far. No mention of the plot other than the fact that it will "stand on it's own", meaning you won't have to be privy to the vast living back story of the massively multiplayer online game.

"Though the player-driven drama unfolding daily in EVE Online is the essence of our virtual world, CCP firmly believes that EVE can transcend the boundaries of a single medium to offer new ways of experiencing its richness" said Thor Gunnarsson, VP of Business Development at CCP. "We are thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented team at Tor Books to bring a taste of the EVE universe to sci-fi readers around the world."


The book will be written by Hjalti Daníelsson, CCP Games main create writer for the game.

"EVE is a phenomenal SF offering," said Eric Raab, Tor Editor. "The game is beyond awe-inspiring, and its intricacies deserve stories. Hjalti's storytelling skills shine in-game and in his short fiction. We at Tor are truly excited for his first foray into the novel form."

It's unclear if the novel will have any connection with Eve: The Empyrean Age which hit Amazon last summer.

What fascinates me about these Eve novels is the concept of creating fiction in a universe that continues to grow and be essentially written by the fan base. The idea of trying to tell a story across a massive bit of living fanfic is a neat new concept that flips the tradition of professionally written fiction on its head.

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It better have some hot explicit sex scenes in it. Any book that's over 200 pages without sex scenes is not worth the paper it's printed on.