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Developer CCP sets its sights on redefining EVE Online's end game in EVE Online: Dominion, the 11th free expansion for the massively-multiplayer space sim, due out in winter 2009.


While work continues on the eagerly anticipated Walking in Stations update for EVE Online that will introduce avatars to the mix (recently renamed Incarna), EVE's 11th free update will be the newly announced Dominion. Dominion is all about the end game, or as CCP puts it, "Dominion is all about ownership-how you conquer and hold space, how you hold sway over fellow capsuleers and how you wage war against any who stand in your way. How do you make a name for yourself in a universe of 300,000 other players?"

The update will feature a more dynamic alliance combat system, allowing for more tactical strategy to be utilized in combat, a direct result of player feedback on the current state of the game.


Dominion will also bring enhanced social networking features to EVE Online to help foster social interaction, epic pirate mission arcs (arrrrr!), and more updates to the graphics engine, doing for planets what Apocrypha did for asteroids.

CCP promises to reveal much more about the expansion in the coming months. For now, keep your eyes on the official EVE Online: Dominion website.

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