The trailer for the upcoming Apocrypha expansion to CCP's massively-multiplayer space opera Eve Online manages to make the game look at least 10 times better than it actually plays.

The trailer does an excellent job of highlighting Eve Online's strengths while skipping over the game's weaknesses, which I suppose is what a good trailer is supposed to do. An excellent voice over grants the production an air of mystery and power as they highlight some of the most beautiful space scenes available in any video game, showing off massive battles waged across a backdrop of shining stars and swirling nebulae.

What the trailer most notably does not show is the first lonely hours spent wandering around the expansive universe, with nothing but the generally unhelpful help channel to keep you company, or the user interface that clutters up said beautiful vistas. It's essentially the trailer version of a photoshopped MySpace picture. Still, I'd hit it.