Eternity's Child Now Available for Steam

About two months back we posted some impressions of Luc Bernard's Eternity's Child, the indie-game, stylized-2D platformer coming to PC and the Wii. Well, it's out for PC now, via Steam, and you can have it for $4.99 if you're so inclined. You get a level editor and some exclusive levels in the PC version. Above is the trailer. There's no word yet on the official site for either Eternity's Child or Alten8, which is handling the port, on when it will arrive for Wii. When it does it'll have exclusive levels and four-player co-op mode. If you appreciate indie games, it'd probably be a nice gesture to crowbar the five bucks out of your account and support this one. Eternity's Child on Steam [Steam, thanks reader Cpt_bongwater]


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