ESRB Rates Wolfenstein, Prey, And Dishonored Collections For Xbox Series X/S

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Screenshot: Bethesda

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board website is a fun place to discover unannounced game compilations for next-generation hardware, like the Wolfenstein Alt History Collection and Dishonored & Prey The Arkane Collection, a pair of game bundles recently rated for the Xbox Series X/S.


It looks like Bethesda, recently purchased by Microsoft for a cool $7.5 billion, is gearing up to give its soon-to-be parent company’s new hardware some love. The Wolfenstein bundle and Arkane Collection, revealed in two ESRB website ratings (via IGN), each feature four M for Mature games. The Wolfenstein collection is likely the two most recent games and their expansions, The Old Blood and Youngblood. The Arkane Collection is probably Prey, Dishonored, Dishonored 2, and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

There’s no listing for either bundle on other platforms yet, so these might be a couple of the benefits of spending billions to buy the entire company.

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I went back and played Wolf: TNO recently, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t want to cooperate with my 2070 Super(finally beat it). Thought 4K would be a breeze, but it took console commands and Nvidia control panel tweaks to make it sing. Dishonored 2 is similarly an absolute beast to get running smoothly at 4K without concessions. Arkane’s proprietary engine was really poorly optimized. 

So here’s hoping they’ll bring the ‘remastered’ code to PC for at least Dishonored 2, cause I really want to play it without melting my GPU. Oh and a nice free upgrade wouldn’t hurt...