ESRB Lauds Retailers' Performance In M-Rated Game Report

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has responded to a Federal Trade Commission report that video game retailers do a good job of observing the M-rating on video games and refusing their sale to minors.


"We are extremely pleased to see the Federal Trade Commission confirm not only that the video game industry continues to have the highest rate of enforcement at retail, but that it continues to climb higher than before," the ESRB said in a statement. "The strong support that the ESRB ratings have enjoyed from retailers is crucial, underscoring their firm commitment to selling video games responsibly."

The FTC's undercover buy operation found teens were able to buy M-rated games in 13 percent of instances, versus 36 percent of teens getting into R-rated films or buying them on DVD, and 60 percent of teens buying music with a lyrics advisory warning.

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Thats kinda cool.

Too bad most of the underage people get online M-rated games because they are fucking spoiled by their parents who buy them anything.