Erotic Game Makes Next-Gen Hands Free A Scary Reality

No, that's not a kitchen appliance. That's the SOM, a hands free you-know-what machine. Ironically named game developer Overflow has synchronized the "dream" device with its erotic game Cross Days.

The game's website points out the the machine moves in real time to corresponding on screen motions during "climax scenes." The SOM connects to the computer via USB. As the Cross Days website suggests, "Install SOM and experience a next-gen reality!" Oh dear.

More pictures after the jump of the Lady's piston machine SOM and a more realistic hand-version. Not work safe — or anywhere else, really.


The manufacturer says it uses a material called "septon," which is used in medical devices.

世界初!夢のハンズフリーオナマシーン『SOM』対応! [NSFW via 痛いニュース]

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