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Erotic Game Artist Breaks Hearts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is why some female illustrators don't release photos of themselves.

In the June issue of erotic game magazine "PC Angel neo", there's a short question-and-answer with adult game illustrator Ayane Nanami. Nanami's illustrations are hardly spectacular, but the artist now has legions of new fans thanks to this one magazine pic.

Nobody had really seen what she had looked like — and nobody had cared really.

Now, of course, there are loads of folks saying she's "cute" and that they want to marry her, yadda, yadda, yadda.


But do know that a good percentage of women involved in game or manga (adult and all ages) illustration are attractive individuals with good DNA, but many of them are reluctant to have their photos appear in magazines or books for precisely the panic Nanami's photo has caused. Instead, these illustrators create cartoon versions of themselves.

Take, Noizi Ito. Everyone who cares probably already knows she she looks like; however, when I interviewed her, she wanted to use her cartoon drawing as a placeholder for a photo of her. Totally understandable!


Others, like High School Girls manga artist Towa Oshima (pictured), are perfectly happy to smatter their face on their blogs.

Of course, Nanami's erotic game illustrations are far more explicit than Oshima's more recent manga work. And later this month, Nanami does have a new game coming out called Little Rabbits. This photo ruckus should help sales!


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