Epic is Working on a Game Just for the PC

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Well, here's something that hasn't happened for a very long time: Epic Games, creators of the Unreal Tournament and Gears of Wars series, is working on a PC exclusive.


Not a PC port of something else, a game built from the ground up with the PC in mind, and Epic's "current plans are to keep the game exclusive to the PC platform".

There's nothing else to it - names, genres, etc - but the declaration itself. Before you get too excited, remember, when we hear the words "PC exclusive" these days it can just as easily mean a free-to-play game as it does an expansive core title that makes the most of the hardware. Especially when Epic is so hot about getting games running in Flash. So bear that in mind.


Mike Capps: Epic Games has a PC-exclusive game in the works [Joystiq]

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Wow, the downright elitist, ignorant attitude here from console gamers is laughable.

Yeah, they're making a PC exclusive. Stop being jelly and get over it.

Current gen consoles are 7 year old relics. Time for bigger and better things, and guess what, like ALWAYS, bigger and better things happen on the PC first.

Then they get ripped off by the console manufacturers - so don't worry, you'll get them too.. eventually.