The New Face of Browser-Based Gaming, Courtesy of Unreal Engine 3

Epic Games likes to show off at the Game Developers Conference.

They just did.

They wanted to show how their Unreal Engine running in Flash. In a web browser.

So they showed us Epic Citadel the tech demo used to show off Epic's Unreal Engine 3 on the iPhone and iPad. It looked great. And it was in a browser.


"This isn't your father's Farmville," Epic's Mark Rein said, "this is immersive, 3D, beautiful environments."

Next, he showed Dungeon Defenders, running in Flash, running full-screen. It looked like the Steam and Xbox 360 versions.

And then?

Unreal Tournament III. They showed this before during an Adobe Event, but wanted to make sure we saw that it is, as Rein said, "the game you expect."


The point of all this? To say that the kind of Unreal Engine games that you see on PC, console or iOS could show up in a browser, and it will look like the screens you see here.

Rein said UTIII is not an actual product. Just something to show. A small taste of things to come, proving that Flash is a technology that can enable console-quality experiences in your web browser.


What's next? Remember that stunning Samaritan demo from GDC 2011? "Our longterm goal is to be able to do Samaritan in Flash."


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