End Of The Line For Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC [Corrected]

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2's Character & Sim Mission Pack, which returned in July after being taken off both console download services for six months, is going, going gone once again. The DLC's getting yanked at the end of the year.


Activision's social media manager tweeted the news that it's gone once the Big Ball drops at midnight on New Year's Day. "For my sake if not for your own, do not delay, dammit," read his tongue-in-cheek tweet.

The DLC offers five characters and more achievements. The Character & Sim Mission Pack is $10 or 800 Microsoft Points.


[Correction]: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that the Character & Sim Mission Pack had been slated for removal at the end of last year but remained available due to gamer outcry. An Activision representative clarified that it was removed from both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network at the beginning of 2010, per the terms of the limited licensing agreement. A limited licensing agreement also is the reason for the DLC's expiration this time, too. Bottom line, if it interests you, get it before it's gone.

Last call for Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC [Eurogamer]

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And this right here is why digital distribution is a fucking farce. There's absolutely no reason they should have to take the content down, but they're doing it anyway. But that's par for the course for the worst publisher in the industry. No matter what happens, they gotta shit on their customers somehow. Looks like this one's a particularly wet one.