End of Nations Won't Release Until 2012

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Though no official release date had been given for the free-to-play MMORTS End of Nations, 2011 had not been ruled out for the game's launch. Developer Trion took that off the table today at the Eurogamer Expo, saying the game will in fact arrive in 2012 and not sooner.


A live demo of the game showed off upgrades that Trion assured were cosmetic only. "It is not a pay to win game," the community manager Lance James reassured. He still had no information on a more specific launch date or window, or beta period.

End of Nations to Launch in 2012 [Eurogamer]

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Gah taking so long, you're killing me! I'm so eagerly awaiting this since it turns out quite a few ex-Westwood employees are part of this team, at least we have some sort of date now as up until recently it's been lingering in that place we all hate, "when it's done" land. Bring it on!