Empire: Total War Gets First Paid DLC

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Surprise, Empire: Total War players! Not only did you receive a major update today, but Sega also slipped some paid DLC out the door as well, with 14 all-new units available for $3.50.


These units are, unlike the 14 visual tweaks contained in the update, brand new units. And they're premium units too, the cream of the crop, introducing guys like Britain's Horse Guards and the earliest iteration of the US Marine Corps.

As far as the update goes, I haven't had the chance to test out the supposedly improved campaign turn times. Anyone?

For those interested, the 14 units making up the "Elite Units of the West" DLC are:

Hungarian Grenadiers (Austria) - Hungarian Grenadiers fought in the Austrian army of the 18th century and were deliberately selected for their physical size and stature. They had to have a good throwing arm, being able to propel a grenade far enough that it wouldn't kill them! Single player campaign requirements: Military Governor's Barracks in Hungary

Horse Guards (Britain) - The elite British horse guards are a heavy cavalry shock troop used by the British army. Used as a battering ram to brutally smash enemy infantry lines and drive holes in enemy ranks, these were prized troops of the British army. Single player campaign requirements: Army Staff College in London

Swiss Guards (France) - The Swiss Guards fought for the French nation and were the prized palace guard of Louis XVI. Wearing resplendent bright red uniforms and carrying smooth bore muskets they were a better calibre of heavy infantry than most of their opponents. Single player campaign requirements: Palais Bourbon in Paris

Blue Guards (United Provinces) - The Blue Guards are a strong infantry unit of the United Provinces, and have been personal bodyguards to kings since the 1600s. These are a high status regiment with a long tradition of fighting and winning key battles. Single player campaign requirements: Army Staff College in Amsterdam

Gardes du Corps (United Provinces) - The Gardes du Corps were the strongest, and often, the last line of defence for many monarchs in the United Provinces. Dressed in splendid uniforms and riding heavy horse these royal bodyguard soldiers specialised in almost unstoppable charges and benefit any army with a high morale and solid combat discipline. Single player campaign requirements: Army Staff College in Amsterdam

Guard Grenadiers (Poland-Lithuania) - The Polish Guard Grenadiers are a highly trained and well disciplined grenadier unit unique to the Polish army. These troops spent years being properly trained in the correct stances for priming and throwing explosives and were constantly assessed on their appearance and discipline as well as their technique. Single player campaign requirements: Army Staff College in Warsaw

2nd Hussars (Prussia) - These light cavalry units were specially drawn for their shorter stature and low weight making them quick and nimble on the battlefield. Ideal for hit and run attacks and ambushing enemy formations on the move, these fast and mobile hussars specialised in running down survivors and ambushing scout parties. Single player campaign requirements: Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Bosniaks (Prussia) - Prussian Bosniaks are an irregular mounted soldier on light horse capable of a devastating charge. These riders are historically mercenary in nature hailing from the Balkans as their name suggests. They fight with a passion and zeal as they were often paid in plunder! Single player campaign requirements: Army Board in Prussian home regions

Frei-Korps (Prussia) - These irregular light infantry forces are a much needed counter-weight to the disciplined and organised ranks of the Prussian army. Professional scoundrels, they are particularly effective against soldiers that organised Prussian infantry find difficult to counter. Single player campaign requirements: Army Board or Military Governor's Barracks in any province

Gardes à cheval (Russia) - An aristocratic heavy horse unit drawn from the nobility, exclusively to protect the Tsars. These rich notables were selected not for their soldiering ability but more for their relative attractiveness to Catherine the Great. Single player campaign requirements: Winter Palace in Moscow

Siemenovski Foot Guards (Russia) - These elite line infantry were far better equipped than their standard brothers and a touch more arrogant too. With splendid uniforms and far better trained they made excellent garrison soldiers, punishing popular decent harshly. Single player campaign requirements: Winter Palace in Moscow

Walloon Guards (Spain) - These superior infantry were drawn from a region of the Spanish Empire that produced excellent soldiers. Their distinctive uniforms and colours marked them out on the battlefield as the bodyguard of kings and queens, and as effective soldiers in their own right. Single player campaign requirements: Palacio Real de Madrid in Madrid

Legion of the United States (United States) - The United States first official organised army unit. A well drilled and trained unit of soldiers taught to fight in both the traditional European line of battle style, and a looser more irregular pattern better for confronting the native tribes of the Americas. Single player campaign requirements: Army Board or Military Governor's Barracks in any province

US Marines (United States) - These are some of the toughest and bravest soldiers the United States can boast. Either on land or at sea this unit is a fighting force above all else. The marines' greatest strength alongside their flexibility and speed in combat is their resolve. They will rarely if ever run from a fight once committed, often preferring to fight to the death than hand an inch of ground to the enemy. Single player campaign requirements: Naval College in any province



Whoa there Sega! WTF?! Selling advantages now? Seriously! WTF?!

I honestly hope no one buys the DLC. While paying for maps is one thing, paying for units, weapons, etcthat give you an upper-hand in battle is deplorable.