Eminem on DJ Hero Renegade: "The S—t is Dope"

Eminem, one of two big names on DJ Hero's Renegade Edition, stopped by DJ Whoo Kid's show to flack the limited series, and declare "the s—t is dope." See, when the kids say "s—t," they really mean "cool."


To be fair, I think he's talking about the carrying case ("DJ coffin") that transforms into a turntable stand. Eminem then gets that sheepish "I think the publicist heard that" tone and, just to be sure, he quickly adds, "The game is dope, too. The game is crazy. I've played the game."

OK, just so we're clear. The s—t= dope. The game = dope. So, the game = s—t? Transitive property? Logicians, help me out. Meantime, full audio's over at The Koalition.

Oh, and why am I saying s—t instead of, you know, "s—t"? New rules, man. New rules.

Eminem on DJ Hero: "The Game is Dope" {The Koalition]

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