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We've been waiting for Dragon Quest IX for a long time. For most of us, we can wait a little longer for the game to come out, but not Japanese actress Keiko Awaji.


For her, it's a matter of life or death.

Japanese film actress Keiko Awaji, now in her 70s, wants to play new Dragon Quest and pronto. Awaji, who has appeared in over 160 movies since 1949 including Akira Kurosawa's police noir Stray Dog, said this about DQ, "I won't live forever. I'd like to play two or three more games... I really want them to put out a new game once every two years." Don't we all Awaji-san, don't we all.

Awaji is a big fan of role-playing games, including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Mother (known in the West as Earthbound).

Dragon Quest IX was originally dated for 2007. In August of that year, Square Enix changed the game's release date to 2008. Last fall, Square Enix dated the game "March 2009." Square Enix announced last month that the game's release date has been changed to July 11.


3歳が発売延期のドラクエに一言「私はいつまでも生きてない」[Ne-ta NSFW]

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