Dragon Quest IX Delayed

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It's official. Square Enix has announced that upcoming DS title Dragon Quest IX has been pushed back.

The game was slated for a March 28 release in Japan. The game is now scheduled to hit retailers on July 11. According to Square Enix, the delay is a result of bugs or "flaws," it seems, still being prevalent in the game.

"The sale date has been changed to July 11 in order to give us enough time to improve and inspect this title," Square Enix states in a press release.


Rumors swirled last week that Dragon Quest IX had been pushed back after Square Enix announced it would be delaying its third quarter financial report. Square Enix told Kotaku the delay was the result of accounting issues.

Dragon Quest IX was originally dated for 2007. In August of that year, Square Enix changed the game's release date to 2008. Last fall, Square Enix dated the game "March 2009."

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okenny :) ...building bridges (to hide under)

It's probably because the DS is so difficult to develop for with all those cores and whatnot. Damn lazy developers >:(