Dragon Quest IX Delay Concerns Arise

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Square Enix has announced it'll delay its third-quarter earnings by a week to February 12th due to a delay in "accounting work." Some fear its less an accounting delay and more a game delay.

Square Enix was supposed to announce its Third Quarter results today, February 6th. The company's revised calendar now shows the results pushed back a week.

Earlier this week, Square Enix made this announcement — only to see stock prices slide 9 percent.


The concern is that either Dragon Quest IX or Final Fantasy XIII has been pushed back with a higher probability being placed on Dragon Quest IX. This is, granted, simply speculation, and Square Enix has not confirmed any such delay.

We're not entirely convinced and our impression has been that DQIX is ready to go out the door. Though, an accounting delay? Certainly a big, international company like Square Enix is not short on bean counters.

DQ9発売延期か? スクウェアエニックスが明日発表予定だった第3四半期決算発表を中止 [にゅーるぽ] [Pic]

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FF XII will be delayed to Dec 21 2012.

Hope that's not too, esoteric.