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A Week Later, Elden Ring Undoes 'Invincible' Combat Change That Broke The Game

Endure was an ash of war that was a pure terror on Elden Ring players after 1.07

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A knight character in Elden Ring attacks a soldier of godrick.
Screenshot: FromSoftware

If you’ve come across other savvy denizens of the Lands Between lately, you’ve probably not been having a great time playing Elden Ring multiplayer. Perhaps you’ve been getting punctured repeatedly by thrust weapons. More likely than not, though, you’ve found that every single one of your attacks is just getting tanked by red-faced assholes who then just poke you back and win no matter what you do. It was a big enough problem that not only did this new build immediately become the meta, people were calling it busted and unfun.

Endure is a skill that is meant to help you survive attacks, though you’ll still take damage. After the enormous Elden Ring update earlier in October, which saw FromSoftware finally fork PVP tweaks and single-player tuning, Endure was one of many changes that completely revamped the combat in the game. In short, the patch saw a million abilities with reduced FP and faster casting times, and a ton of armor got a boost in poise. Suddenly, a wider variety of builds seemed possible, especially if you ran a mage.


Then people discovered the power of Endure, which featured the following changes:

  • Extended effect duration.
  • Added an effect that prevents staggers caused by blood loss and frostbite status effects.
  • Extended effect duration.
  • Reduced the time between skill activation and being able to perform actions other than attacking.

This did not go down well. People started uploading montages of literally just standing there, repeatedly getting whaled on, sometimes by multiple people, and it was like nothing at all was happening. It was absurd.


And now, a week later, ‘tis no more. FromSoftware has issued a hotfix that shortened the duration of Endure’s effect, noting that “adjustments made in patch 1.07 had a greater impact on the game balance than expected.” That is one way of putting it.


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Beyond that, one other thing saw a notable change, while a couple of other details got corrections, meaning they haven’t changed, they just weren’t correctly reported in the patch notes to begin with. You can read the details below:

Incantation - Inescapable Frenzy

Fixed a bug where the FP consumption was not properly reduced in patch 1.07.

Some changes mentioned in the 1.07 update patch notes posted on Thursday, October 13 were incorrectly mentioned. The incantation Flame of the Fell God and Gurranq’s Beast Claw cannot be charged; patch notes were edited accordingly.


The incantation Black Blade is currently missing its follow up attack when cast from the left hand. This issue will be corrected in a future update.