“So, before we were talking about names,” Zack says.

“For our kids?” Irina asks.

“Yeah. What about Godfrey?” he questions.

“Eww!” she says, repulsed.

“Godrick?” he inquires.

“No,” she chuckles. “Like Zion or Gid—”


“I do like Gideon. I like, um, like, really unique names.”

“Me too. You know what’s a really unique one? Goliath.”

For the uninitiated, or just folks who’d rather not remember getting clapped by them, Godfrey, First Elden Lord and Godrick the Grafted are two of Elden Ring’s more challenging boss encounters. While optional, the multi-armed Godrick drops lots of runes, making him a great early-game enemy to take down if you want to get a few quick levels. Meanwhile, the graying Godfrey is a late-game boss you must defeat in order to progress the story. Either way, both jerks play pivotal roles as you make your way toward becoming the Elden Lord. Also, whether she knew it or not, Irina mentioned an Elden Ring name as well: the bibliophile Gideon Ofnir, an NPC you find hanging out at the Roundtable Hold. Maybe Irina and Zack were a match made, um, in The Lands Between?

Imagine picking Godrick up from school

Since Zack revealed his gamer card to Irina, Twitter has been flooded with all kinds of memes about children named after video game characters. One user “always wished” they were named after Gears of War’s Uzil RAAM because “[RAAM] was a badass.” Another imagined their “eldest daughter” Lightseeker Hyetta introducing themselves to their classmates. Someone else thought of the conversation they might have when picking up Astel, Naturalborn of the Void from school. A fourth user joked about naming their kid after the flaming salamander (and the bane of my existence) Magma Wyrm. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg here, as there are a plethora of baby-name jokes going around.


Kotaku reached out to Goytowski and Solomonova for comment.

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A first name like “Gideon,” “Godfrey,” or “Godrick” does sound pretty badass if a bit fantasy author. However, something like “Astel, Naturalborn of the Void” certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue with any ease, especially when paired with multi-syllable last names such as Goytowski or Solomonova. Still, though, if Irina was looking for “unique” in terms of names for her children, I don’t think you could go wrong with picking from Elden Ring. It’s a tad nerdy, sure, but at least it’s unlikely their kid would share a name with a classmate.