EGM/Maxim Subscription Swap Not a Hit with Moms

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When news passed that Electronic Games Monthly subscribers would have their subscriptions to the folded, venerable mag replaced with Maxim, you just knew something like this was gonna happen.


Twelve-year-old Jake O'Donnell of Boston got an eyeful of side- and underbooby when Maxim showed up this past month, and mom Kathleen is - I gotta go with her on this - understandably a bit peeved.

Not that Maxim's out-and-out porn, but it's definitely for a readership a bit older - note I didn't say "more mature" - than a 12-year-old. It's not just the boiyoiyoinggg photos, either, stuff about drinking, bad hookups and stupid stunts with painful endings, seriously. That's not age appropriate.

Boston's WBZ-TV smelled the big stinker and filed an investigative report on it. Basically, the news is - while subscribers could opt out and get a refund for the remainder of their EGM subs, that notice was accompanied by the first replacement issue of Maxim, meaning there was no way for a mom to head off her junior high-schooler's encounter with his new subscription and a roll of Charmin. On top of that, although Mrs. O'Donnell wrote in to cancel the sub, the August 2009 copy - with Joanna Krupa vamping topless on the front - arrived right on time.

12-Year-Old Gets Maxim Mag, Mom not Happy [The Escapist via Joystiq]


I'm not exactly sure whats wrong with reading Maxim at age 12. Yes theres young adult themed articles but if you think its any worse than what you can see on tv & the net your dillusional. Plus it might give him some tips on things he might experience in the years to come.