When news passed that Electronic Games Monthly subscribers would have their subscriptions to the folded, venerable mag replaced with Maxim, you just knew something like this was gonna happen.


Twelve-year-old Jake O'Donnell of Boston got an eyeful of side- and underbooby when Maxim showed up this past month, and mom Kathleen is - I gotta go with her on this - understandably a bit peeved.

Not that Maxim's out-and-out porn, but it's definitely for a readership a bit older - note I didn't say "more mature" - than a 12-year-old. It's not just the boiyoiyoinggg photos, either, stuff about drinking, bad hookups and stupid stunts with painful endings, seriously. That's not age appropriate.


Boston's WBZ-TV smelled the big stinker and filed an investigative report on it. Basically, the news is - while subscribers could opt out and get a refund for the remainder of their EGM subs, that notice was accompanied by the first replacement issue of Maxim, meaning there was no way for a mom to head off her junior high-schooler's encounter with his new subscription and a roll of Charmin. On top of that, although Mrs. O'Donnell wrote in to cancel the sub, the August 2009 copy - with Joanna Krupa vamping topless on the front - arrived right on time.

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