EA's "Project Ten Dollar", the company's attempts at giving the used game business a dead arm, will be a part of Battlefield Bad Company 2's launch, just as it was with Mass Effect 2's.

BBC2 will feature an in-game store, access to which will be given out for free to people who purchase new copies of the game. Buy a game without this access and you'll have to pay to get into the store, which will be dishing stuff out for free to those plugged in.

So, yes, it's exactly the same as Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network. No word on pricing yet, but if it's the same as Cerberus, you'd expect it to cost $15, which then begs the question, "why not call it 'Project Fifteen Dollar'?"


'Battlefield Bad Company 2' Features 'Mass Effect 2'-Style DLC Access Code, In-Game Store