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EA Warns Against Bogus Bad Company 2 Beta Signups

Illustration for article titled EA Warns Against Bogus Bad Company 2 Beta Signups

Apparently there are some phishing emails going around - for what other purpose would someone fake an invitation to a sign-up for a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta? EA says no such thing exists.


Says the Battlefield producer Gordon Van Dyke on the Battlefield Blog:

As of today there is no official Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta and I wanted to warn people out there of fake/hoax sites perpetrating to have a sign-up for one. We do not have any form of beta sign-ups, nor would we ever endorse such a practice or shady url to do so. Please do not let these e-tards take advantage of your enthusiasm for BFBC2 in their scam and only give them the middle-finger if anything. So, unless you read it here or from our official Twitter page it isn't real.


Pretty sure EA's seen copies and sent them to their corporate security team, but If anyone's gotten one of these bogus sign-up come-ons, let me know. I'm curious what information it wanted, whether it was Steam ID and password or what.

Fake BFBC2 Beta Signup Sites! [Battlefield Blog via Blue's News]

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Hah, he said e-tards.

I never played Bad Company but always wanted to try it. I've enjoyed the Battlefield series so I'm sure it's great. Scammers are so annoying. #battlefieldbadcompany2