EA Walk Away From Take-Two Buyout

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There's rumours! Rumours on the street. Wall Street, to be precise, as investment site Seeking Alpha say they've heard EA may be "walking away from merger talks" with long-time takeover target Take-Two. T2's conference call earlier today said nothing of this, of course, nor have EA (as the pair are now cosy in their cone of silence), so this is all conjecture, but it's hardly outrageous conjecture. The EA-T2 courtship rituals have been prologued, fumbling and, ultimately, boring, with a deal looking less and less likely the longer the whole sorry mess drags itself along. It's D-Day For Take-Two Interactive [Seeking Alpha, via GamePolitics] [Image]

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That means I can keep buying Take 2 games via digital download on Steam, yeah. EA store is such a joke.