EA Goes Dark Over Take-Two Bid

Like a corporate ninja, Electronic Arts has hurled a flash bomb and vanished into the shadows with Take-Two Interactive bundled under its cloak.

Umm. Do Ninjas wear cloaks? Perhaps the metaphor breaks down a bit at that point.


No matter - the point is that EA has entered into a confidentiality agreement with Take-Two and both parties are now obliged to keep their lips tightly zipped with regard to the companies ongoing discussions.

Following the FTC's announcement last week that they would not oppose any merger, EA decided not to renew the formal bid and has been having some cosy chats with its new friends at Take-Two.

Cosy chats that from now on we will not be party to. Bah.

EA: We Might Be Talking To Take-Two, We Might Not. But We're Not Talking About It Publicly Anymore [Sillicon Alley Insider]

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