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EA Sports Planning Facebook Version of Madden

Illustration for article titled EA Sports Planning Facebook Version of Madden

Speaking to Bloomberg Television, EA Sports boss Peter Moore said his division will soon introduce a version of its Madden NFL game to Facebook users, saying it is essential that the football simulation be made more accessible.


Moore told Bloomberg that a Facebook Madden would deliver a "simpler experience" than the console game. Following up with a spokesman, EA said that an official announcement date or release window has yet to be decided.

"We have to make ‘Madden' more accessible," Moore told Bloomberg. "You'll see us on Facebook going forward."


Games on Facebook are free to play but monetized through microtransactions and advertising. EA Sports has also just recently announced betas for two online sports sims, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online and FIFA Online, both of which will run under a subscription-based model when they go to full release.

Electronic Arts Plans Facebook Version of ‘Madden' (Update2) [Bloomberg]

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I really want to see this in action. People seem to think that Quick Hit is some sort of magnificent idea despite the fact that it hasn't lived up to its promise yet; it seems that a fully licensed Madden on Facebook would utterly destroy QH.