EA Sports Pioneers the In-Game Hair Transplant

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While it might be too late to shoot a new box cover for the UK version of FIFA 12, Electronic Arts managed to give Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney's in-game model a quick makeover to reflect his recently transplanted hairline.


As one of the most skilled footballers in the world, Wayne Rooney's skills stem from his hands and feet, not his hair follicles. That's okay, because Rooney is also one of the highest-paid footballers in the world, so he can afford to lay down a little dough on hair implants, stopping his rapidly receding hairline in its tracks. In June he became the proud owner of a fresh crop of head grass.


Then EA Sports leapt into action. After all, they can't have one of their cover athletes looking like last year's model, can they? With FIFA 12 due out next month, they've updated Rooney's model to better reflect the way he looks today.

I'm just glad they waited for it to heal. I'm not ready for scab-head mode.

Wayne Rooney gets updated hairline in FIFA 2012 [Asylum]

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