EA Sports: Motion Controlled Soccer 'Isn't Particularly Authentic'

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EA Sports doesn't sound enthusiastic about integrating Project Natal or PlayStation Move motion control into its FIFA series, with the game's producer saying the soccer experience they can supply for such a game "isn't particularly authentic."


In fact, if FIFA ever does incorporate motion controls down the line, it'd likely be just in mini-games, producer Simon Humbler told VG247. "Other than that I'm not sure what else you could do.

"As you can see from our Wii version, the game is a lot arcadeier, with the big gestures and actions," Humbler said. "I think there is a different experience there waiting to be uncovered, perhaps, but personally I think it is hard to integrate that into our football game."


Although he didn't say it specifically, I think the biggest problem with motion controlled soccer is the fact the controls depend on using your hands. So nothing you do, with either Natal or a Move wand or Wiimote, will approximate any essential act of the game. And I don't think FIFA will be the only franchise wondering just how, if at all, to enable motion control. The difference in tone and gameplay posed by an experience that is fundamentally novel and arcadey would be an issue for just about any sports simulation.

EA: Natal, Move Could be Used for FIFA Mini-Games [VG247]

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Agreed that motion controls in the first sense that comes to mind - replicating in-game actions and gestures with the controllers - is just pretty much terrible no matter what it's about. It'd over-complicate the whole game and make you focus on controlling one individual player.

But, motion or gesture controls in the sense of viewing the pitch from on high, now there's something entirely different. You could control separate players at the same time, draw runs for receivers to follow, even plan out everyone's movements from a set piece.

In fact ... I think that's exactly what Pro Evo did for its Wii version, and if I recall it also reviewed really well.