EA Sports MMA Now Available On iPhone

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The latest EA Sports title to hit the iPhone is EA Sports MMA - well, "MMA by EA Sports." It's $4.99 and available now on the iTunes App Store.

For your five bucks, you get many of the big-picture details of the console title out now. Fight now? Yep. Career mode? Sure. Created fighters? Yes. Commentary? Yep. Bas Rutten blowing up your Droid? Not sure.

The game is optimized for the iPhone 4's display, features 20 fighters, and if you're wondering what that "infrequent/mild sexual content or nudity" designation means, it's not sweaty dickpunching. It's for the ring girls.


MMA by EA Sports [iTunes]

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I picked this up. It's surprisingly competent. Reminds me of the ds wrestling games somewhat. Controls are pretty intuitive though. If you like MMA you should pick this up if you don't own ufc for psp.