EA Sports Active Slapped with Trademark Lawsuit

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The Active Network has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against EA Sports Active, alleging the fitness title's online use of scheduling and fitness goals covers purposes for which it holds the trademark "Active."


GameSpot got a look at the suit, which claims The Active Network has since 2008 held the rights to the word "Active" in connection with "providing information regarding the scheduling of participatory sports and recreational activities and sporting events; sports training services, namely, providing personal training schedules and programs."

EA Sports. Active 2.0 will provide many of the same functions, making it a director competitor. If you're wondering why the Active Network didn't sue until now, it's because those titles didn't incorporate such online features.


The suit wants a judge to stop EA from publishing or promoting any game under the name "Active" that uses these features. It's also looking for punitive damages in excess of $75,000, which is California lawsuit boilerplate for "lots of moolah."

EA Sports Active 2.0 Target of Trademark Lawsuit [GameSpot]

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I can see how this could potentially be mistaken for an Active Network product or service, given the context. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, no?