EA Snags "Napster"-Founded Social Net?

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Remember Shawn "Napster" Fanning? TechCrunch is reporting that Electronic Arts is about to plunk down $30 million on Rupture, a social network for gamers that Fanning started up with co-founder Jon Baudanza, who'd both become EA employees in the deal.


According to TechCrunch, the draw for EA is Rupture's technology infrastructure, not its userbase, because as to the latter there apparently ain't much to speak of yet. The service apparently stalled in beta and never launched a second version. In other words, Rupture's not good for much - except as a ground on which EA could build a social network around multiplayer online games.

From TechCrunch:

Presumably, creating social networks around massively multiplayer video games is a key component of its online strategy. The company has not yet officially announced the acquisition, but it is expected to do so soon. [Update: The closing of the deal is imminent, but there are still some papers to sign].

EA declined to comment on the report.

Shawn Fanning Finally Gets A Real Payday: Electronic Arts Buys Rupture For $30 Million [TechCrunch]


I don't understand why EA always feels the need to own everything instead of join the facking community and work with existing infrastructure. Remember that whole XBOX (the Big Brick) debacle where they wouldn't release games for it 'cause they didn't want to use Live or some crap? All they accomplished was giving 2K Games a decent fanbase (myself not included). I just don't see what kind of control benefit they get from not using existing networks.