NCAA 10 went out the door this week with a roster file shot through with errors, and in certain cases, teams lacking an entire freshman class. A patch is OTW but players are super PO'd.

This didn't catch everyone by surprise. Back in June, fans of the college football sim started building their own custom teams in advance of the game's release, and noticed the game's rosters sported several inaccuracies, including players who have graduated and left the team, and in some cases having zero freshmen. While that class of player, for most teams, wouldn't be used this season, in online dynasty mode losing an entire class expected to contribute in the next simulated season is a killer.

Electronic Arts has responded, and fixed rosters are now available. While they still contain inaccuracies, at least their structures have been corrected so dynasty players won't be caught with zero sophomores down the line. Of course, it means that any team you created with the original, screwed-up roster must continue to use it, or be rebuilt from scratch with the new one. That is a stone-cold pisser.

Anyway, you can find the fixed rosters in the EA Locker EASCNCAA10 on PS3 and 360. Then a patch, expected to hit in the next week, will include fixed rosters that can be accessed for online play. It'll also allow the blockage of DLC cheats in Online Dynasty mode.

What makes this issue more curious is its timing. The rosters everyone saw back in June came about a month after the filing of Sam Keller's lawsuit, alleging the uncompensated usage of his likeness in previous versions of NCAA Football. It puts EA Sports in a tricky spot, as commenting on roster errors or inaccuracies within them would acknowledge they're built to reflect real-life players.


Your best bet remains to grab a custom roster put together by a dedicated roster writer. This is pure speculation, but that may be EA Sports' solution to this mess in the future. Just drop a game with a completely generic roster to get out of lawsuit jail, and leave it to the community to fine-tune the realism they want.


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