EA: Making Successful Wii Games Is Not Rocket Science

Nintendo games do well on Nintendo platforms. Third party developers who don't release games with Mario (see SEGA's Sonic and Mario) have a harder time. No complaining though!

EA Sports president Peter Moore says its up to the developers to figure out how to make titles that do well on the Wii. "I think the emphasis is on the third parties to crack the code on the Wii, and there are some games that have done well from third parties, and figure out what we need to do when we're playing on the Wii to make that game successful," Moore explains.


"But at the same time," he continues, "it's not rocket science, and we in the publishing community have got to go and figure that out." One shovelware game at a time.

Peter Moore - Part Two [gamesindustry] [Pic]



Just make sure the word "party" is in the title and it'll do great.