EA is hosting a tribute stream in support of those affected by the recent Jacksonville shooting. It runs from 5-6:30 PM ET and will feature remembrances of victims Elijah Clayton and Taylor Robertson as well as community fundraising spotlights, interviews, and conversations. You can watch on Twitch, YouTube, or other platforms.


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Still won’t help the gun situation here.
I am pretty sure we going for a record of some sort.
Orlando, Parkland, and Jacksonville. All large enough to garner national attention. The Orlando shooting was the record until Vegas happened.

We have the Stand Your Ground law, which pretty much allows you to shoot someone vaguely threatening. At least that might be changed soon. Doubt it.

We had a governor candidate that didn’t run the gun registry for over (almost?) a year.

We have people setting up shooting ranges in the suburbs, hitting other peoples homes, and nothing was done about it.

We decided to have armed guards at all the schools after Parkland. Still waiting on the story when one shoots an innocent kid. It will happen. Its a matter of time and the school year just started.

Just stay away from Florida. We are full. We will also prolly almost kill you as well.