EA Donates $1 Million To The Families Of The Jacksonville Shooting Victims

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Electronic Arts, the publisher of the Madden series of football games, has established a fund for —and made a sizeable donation to—the families of those affected by the tragic shooting at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville on the weekend.

The Jacksonville Tribute, as EA calls it, is actually a number of things. First, it’s a fund designed to provide support for the families of victims Taylor Robertson and Eli Clayton (and also “all those affected”), which the company has made a $1 million donation to, and which everyone else will be able to contribute to “very soon”.


It’s also a livestreaming event, which the Madden team will host to bring “the community together”. It’ll be held on September 6, with more details to come.

Here’s the statement in full:

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Must be fun for a company to have to try and balance rationality and emotion among the people for something they’re not at all legitimately responsible. Are we to have military checkpoints into every event that has more than 10 people? In this context, “more security” really isn’t feasible to prevent this.

When someone wants an excuse to kill a few low rent security guards and metal detector isn’t going to stop him from blazing in.

I don’t think EA owes anyone anything so it should be interesting if lawsuits come filtering in, despite this donation, and even use this donation as an excuse.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s the ”right” thing to do, to donate, and I also don’t think EA necessarily deserves praise and adulation for the common sense donation. I just think people need to be less hysterical about THIS kind of killing.

More children in the USA die from poverty and poor healthcare than all the gun victims combined, to say nothing of the adults with poor healthcare and poverty. Are they mutually exclusive? Maybe, but when we’re talking about legislation in which half the country is hysterically against, it kind of isn’t.

Do we fight a literal right -that makes even more sense after Republican Terrorism- because people who need mental healthcare free and free from shame decide to use a specific tool, that they often didn’t even buy themselves, to kill?

Or do we fight the politicians that literally celebrate the death of Americans through healthcare rollbacks?

honestly, I think it’s pretty damn obvious. Being in the healthcare, before switching careers, I can safely say I’ve seen far too many children and people in America die from preventable diseases and malnutrition. I’ve also seen people get shot while in the military. (And vividly the early ones before I was, admittedly, desensitized to it. Was a medic if that’s not clear)

Watching people die in the hospital for such SIMPLER reasons that were 100% preventable is far more heartbreaking than something that actually isn’t 100% preventable. Someone being murdered is horrific but the fact remains you can’t quench that 100%. No guns? This guy could have used a knife instead. No knives? It’s exceptionally easy to break someone’s neck. Is that one death somehow less tragic than multiple from a gun? Then why is it ok to ignore health deaths in favor of trying to prevent gun deaths, alone?

I honestly found a civilian medical career far more heart wrenching than being a medic in the military in which I also had to treat local civilians from our own bullshit “collateral damage”. It still hurt more seeing those innocent civilians starving and having poor medical care than the ones I was dressing for bullet wounds.

You can, however, quench preventable deaths through natural causes. And those people die not in the hundreds or thousands, or tens of thousands, but HUNDREDS of thousands every year.

Peace to those families that lost their loved ones, but it sadly happens to everyone and often equally stupid and tragic, if not moreso. It’s important to not be emotionally hysterical over these things.

Anyway, sorry for the side rant. I had only intended on commenting on how EA is in a no win situation but people also need to stop being hysterical about gun deaths if they’re going to continue diminishing the other deaths that exponentially plague Americans more.