EA CEO: We're Not About Crappy Licensed Games (Anymore)

Electronic Arts has gotten some flack in the past for being guilty of publishing licensed games that range from not bad to barely adequate to Catwoman. Efforts based on James Bond, Superman, Lord of the Rings, and Def Jam have seen solid sales and, in some cases, equal derision. But it's 2008 line-up is packed with original IP. Stuff like Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Facebreaker, Left 4 Dead, Crysis, and Spore dominated its E3 line up. The very frank John Riccitiello, CEO of EA, tells MTV Multiplayer "I think we take a step back every time we take a license and exploit it with a crappy game." He adds "That's not what we're about", noting that whatever changing perceptions gamers may have of the company aren't part of a conscious decision to change its image. Whether that change is working — or responsible for the quarter-smile on Riccitiello's official bio photo — remains to be seen. EA Vows To Not Make ‘Crappy' Licensed Games, Pushes Original Content [MTV Multiplayer]


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