EA Announces Dead Space Wii Again (This Time Officially)

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EA boss John Riccitiello previously mentioned Dead Space for the Wii in a single sentence during an conference call earlier this month. Today, EA makes the game official and offers details as well.

Called Dead Space Extraction, the game is built ground-up especially for the Nintendo Wii and is a prequel that leads up to the events surrounding the Isaac Clarke's mission on the USG Ishimura in last year's Dead Space.


"We could not be more excited to extend Dead Space into an experience exclusive to the Wii. Nintendo has a wonderful history in the horror genre and we are thrilled to build on that tradition with Dead Space Extraction," said Glen Schofield, VP and General Manager of EA Redwood Shores studio. "As we were developing Dead Space, we realized that there was so much of the story going untold. Dead Space Extraction tells that story with all of the intensity, blood and gore that fans would expect."

The game uses motion controls and a first person perspective to tell its story of a small group of space colonists trying to escape from a hellish infection on a mining colony deep in space. There's a new heroine, and protecting her just might hold the key for survival. Extraction also offers players new weapons, enemies and co-operative multiplayer.

Dead Space Extraction is expected to hit retailers this fall.

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Paradox me

I've been very lucky so far this generation. I've had a PS3 and 360 the entire time so I've always gotten to play the games I want.

Now, a prequel to my favorite game of 2008 is on the one console I don't have. That hurts EA. Especially when it's a prequel to a game with so much room beforehand to branch out with.

I can not ignore this.